The multi-disciplinary nature of the Institute of Food Science and Engineering encourages interdepartmental sharing in purchase and multiple use of equipment. This approach means that Affiliated Scientists have access to a much wider range of facilities and equipment than can be offered by any single department.

A brief description of the units in the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture cooperating within the IFSE follows. The names of each of the units provides a link to more information about their facilities and equipment.

  1. The Department of Food Science serves as the home department for IFSE and houses the IFSE staff and offices. In addition, the department provides analytical laboratories, thermostatically controlled constant-temperature rooms and a computerized sensory evaluation laboratory designed according to American Society for Testing and Materials guidelines. The Food Science Department is also home to the Arkansas Food Innovation Center.
  2. Biological and Agricultural Engineering laboratories are equipped with instruments that allow extensive, detailed analysis of food properties.
  3. The Center of Excellence for Poultry Science facilities and equipment are designed for studying food processing and evaluation operations.
  4. The Biotechnology Center/Food Safety Laboratory's separate research areas include a tissue culture laboratory, hybridoma lab, wet microbiology lab and mouse room with supporting facilities.