Institute of Food Science and Engineering Mission Statement

The IFSE provides technical advances in food processing, packaging, and nutrition that foster safe, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible processing methods that will assure that Arkansas regional processors remain competitive and Arkansas remain healthy.  It also promotes research that will result in new value-added products and the recovery and conversion of co-products to higher-value items.

The Institute of Food Science and Engineering assists in defining and framing relevant food and nutrition issues, focusing efforts on solving problems related to food science, food safety, and health and disease.  It provides a mechanism for the University to package its multidisciplinary expertise to address industry needs and the needs of Arkansans and serves as a catalyst for mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Institute performs the following functions:

  1. Creates synergisms among research and extension faculty by softening disciplinary lines to facilitate cooperation and team building.
  2. Provides an integrated infrastructure in food processing, food safety, and human nutrition that enhances credibility for securing funding through local, regional, national and international channels.
  3. Provides assistance to the food industry with applied research and analytical services and supports food entrepreneurship.
  4. Conducts high quality research in food science, food safety, and human nutrition that will benefit the food industry and improve the health of Arkansans.