Education and Outreach Programs

IFSE takes a variety of approaches to providing information to entrepreneurs and those already in the food industry. Workshops and the annual Better Process Control School provide training in food issues in a classroom setting. Publications such as factsheets and manuals are offered on a variety of subjects so that interested persons can read and learn at their own pace.

Arkansas Food Innovation Center

The Arkansas Food Innovation Center (AFIC) provides assistance to entrepreneurs and growers entering  the food processing industry. As part of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Institute of Food Science and Engineering and the Department of Food Science AFIC is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the expertise, facilities, and equipment for developing value-added products and moving these products into the marketplace. Information on working with AFIC can be found at

Better Process Control School

This school is designed to satisfy certification needs for supervisors of thermal processing systems, acidification, and container closure evaluation programs for low-acid canned foods. 

Information for Entrepreneurs

Food Processing Guide

Starting a Food Business Factsheet

Additional Factsheets and Publications for Entrepreneurs